As cybercrime becomes more profitable, malware becomes more rampant. This malicious software creeps into your computer, on a mission to steal information and destroy your systems.

Malware can cost both individuals and small businesses thousands in damage, so it’s important to act if you feel suspicious—especially if you notice any of these warning signs.

  1. Your system’s slower than usual.
  2. You’re getting pop-ups.
  3. Programs are crashing. 
  4. You’re running out of space.
  5. There’s unusually high network activity.
  6. You’ve got a new browser homepage.
  7. Random windows keep opening.
  8. Programs are starting automatically.
  9. You’re getting unusual messages or notifications.
  10. Security has been disabled.
  11. Friends are getting weird messages from you.
  12. Things just aren’t working right.

Think you’ve got malware? Learn more about what that might mean, then take these steps to remove it before it’s too late.


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