Losing data could cost your business a lot more than money.

On top of any unplanned downtime and the thousands of dollars it takes to recover lost data (when possible), unsecure or lost data could cost you customer trust—and your reputation.

One way to help prevent this is by migrating your data from a physical server inside your building to a private server on the cloud.

Here’s a few reasons why small businesses benefit from cloud computing:


1. It’s Flexible

Cloud-based services are super flexible, so it’s easy to increase or decrease capacity to fit with your needs.


2. It’s Reliable

Cloud infrastructure is much less susceptible to service interruptions than locally-hosted hardware. And because your data’s on the cloud, you’re protected if a laptop or server breaks.


3. It’s Easy + Affordable

On top of being simpler to set up and manage, cloud computing cuts out the high cost of hardware. It’s fast, and works on more of a pay-as-you-go basis.


4. It’s Collaborative

Your team can access, edit and share documents anywhere and anytime.


5. It’s Secure

When you use a private cloud-based server like the Steel Root Private Cloud, your data is encrypted, monitored, and only available to you and your team.


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