A huge security issue with High Sierra (Apple’s latest OS) was revealed on Tuesday (11/30/17)—one that lets people into your Mac without a password.



Yep. It means anyone can access your computer just by entering the username “root” (no relation to us, of course).


How did this happen?

Apple uses “root” as something they call a “superuser”, granting access to areas of the system often used by administrators. But it shouldn’t be an easy way into any computer.

This flaw was revealed in a single tweet by a developer, and the tweet went viral.


What can I do?

Apple released an official fix through a security update.  If you’ve already updated to High Sierra, do this update immediately. Apple is saying it’s going to update automatically, but it’s best to check manually. Just launch the App Store application, and click Updates. It’s named “Security Update,” so just click to install if it’s there. You won’t even have to reboot!


And as for Apple?

Not good for a company that prides themselves on their exceptional security and privacy. They released a statement, and are urging customers to update as soon as possible (yes, even in bold text).

Here’s part of the statement they released: “Security is a top priority for every Apple product, and regrettably we stumbled with this release of macOS…We greatly regret this error and we apologize to all Mac users, both for releasing with this vulnerability and for the concern it has caused. Our customers deserve better. We are auditing our development processes to help prevent this from happening again.”


Any questions? Let us know.

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