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We’re passionate about cybersecurity and contributing daily to our positive culture, with a commitment to professional development and social responsibility.

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Building Community

Every business has a responsibility to participate in the communities it touches. For us, that means supporting local organizations working on environmental sustainability, improving access to education, and the arts. Our favorite organizations doing this work include Change Is Simple, LEAP for Education, and Salem Arts Festival.

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Our Values

Steel Root Values

  • Practice security-first.

  • Be an advocate.

  • Challenge conventions.

  • Show up with zhuzh.*

* zhuzh is that extra je ne sais quoi in our customer interactions that leaves the customer feeling supported, validated, and happy to be working with us.


What Does It Mean to Be on Team Human?

In a world inundated with technology, it’s good to remember that being human is a team sport. We are literally all in this together.

For us, being on Team Human means putting people over profit in how we manage our business and our internal team. It means remembering the person on the other end of every email or screen share.

On a larger scale, it also means supporting privacy rights and resisting the so-called “attention economy” that has a divisive and isolating effect on us. It means that all people are equal, but we recognize the biases embedded in our cultural operating system that provide advantages for some groups over others. And it means we strive to be good stewards of the planet we all share.