Green Meadows Farm, the region’s oldest family-owned certified organic farm, is a well-known fixture on Boston’s North Shore. Local foodies and families regularly visit the South Hamilton farm to shop at the farm stand, participate in the farm’s CSA (community supported agriculture), or attend the popular community events.

These days, technology is important to every business. And it’s no surprise that in addition to producing organic vegetables and heritage meat, Green Meadows also produces a lot of data.

So when an office computer crashed and took the farm’s shared data with it, Green Meadows was confronted with the prospect of losing a lot of their critical business data.

Thankfully, their data was able to be restored from the failed hard drive. But farm manager Heidi Thunberg was determined to build a better system.

(That’s where Steel Root comes in.)

With security, cost, and ease-of-use as the key factors influencing system design, we implemented a failure-tolerant storage device on the farm’s local network. To eliminate the need for manual backups, we automated the process of saving sales transactions from the farmstand’s point-of-sale terminals.

And because we knew Heidi wanted to spend more time in the fields than the office, we set up a private cloud so she can securely access business documents from everywhere.

“With our new system,” Heidi said, “I can work on crop planning or bookkeeping from home—without walking down to the office in the dead of winter.”

Data loss or theft is devastating for any business. With  low-cost, high-availability data system from Steel Root, the farmers at Green Meadows can now take care of their planting and harvesting, while their data takes care of itself.

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