We’ve all gotten those emails—get a free iPad, travel for free, I am a Nigerian prince and you need to help me. And we know those are scams.

But what about the lesser-known ones? The ones that make you think your bank account  is frozen or your CEO is requesting urgent help?

When over 95% of cyberattacks are a result of human error and 60% of companies that suffer cyberattacks go out of business within 6 months (source), education is crucial.

Here are 5 ways to boost your email security:


1. Use secure passwords.

First things first. It’s time to ditch Fluffy123. Click here to learn what makes a good password.


2. Opt for 2-factor authentication.

An extra step for login means an extra hurdle for hackers. What is two-factor authentication? Click here.


3. Don’t take action.

…if you suspect a threat, that is. If something seems suspicious or out-of-place, you’re almost always safe if you don’t take action. Trust your gut and don’t reply, click any links, or download unsolicited/strange attachments.


4. Use a security relay, like Proofpoint.

Proofpoint is like a gatekeeper for your email. It prevents malware and malicious links from even entering your inbox, providing you with less risk. Contact us for more information.


5. Educate your employees.

You can control what you do, but not always what your coworkers do. The easiest way to keep your business secure is by helping them gain a better understanding of what to trust, what not to trust, and making sure they are as secure as possible—before it’s too late.


Good news: we offer customized employee training, tailored to your business and industry. Learn about our Employee Training and Security Workshops here.


  • Chris Rignoli

    I wasn’t to knowledgeable about securing and/or encrypting email before coming to this website. I decided it was far past time that I learned how I could better protect myself, and have take steps to start using encrypted emails.

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