It’s like a home inspection, but for your business technology. We look at the whole picture, providing you with insight into potential IT and security risk, including:

  • Vulnerability and threats
  • Sensitive data: where it is and who has access
  • Computer, network and system security
  • Data security and backups
  • Physical access
  • Redundancy and disaster recovery planning

There's no time for downtime.

of breaches could have been prevented by common security practices

(OTA Cyber Incident &ampl Breach Trends Report 2018)

of costly downtime are experienced by most businesses after a cyberattack

(2016 Crypto-Ransomware Report)

small businesses are at risk of being the victim of cybercrime

(Symantec Internet Security Threat Report 2016)

of cyberattacked small/medium-sized businesses close their doors within 6 months

(National Security Alliance 2016)

of cyberattacks target small businesses

(Symantec Internet Security Threat Report 2016)

*SMBs = Small and medium-sized businesses


An easy to understand report on the state of your business technology.

We use a scoring methodology that identifies the greatest threats to your business, measuring risk in terms of impact and likelihood, and qualifying in dollars what is would cost your business if something were to go wrong.

Using the data we gather during your assessment paired with an understanding of your business, we provide of a roadmap of  our recommendation on what should be fixed, and when. So you can save thousands by fixing your tech problems-before they become problem.

If you choose to partner with Steel Root to secure your business, we’ll get to work immediately to implement any “quick fixes,” address the most critical threats, and devise a plan for the rest.

Our team works as closely with you as you wish, matching your business needs with our services to implement best practices, simplify your day-to-day processes, improve your business’s security, and reduce risk.

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