Gmail just got its biggest redesign in years.

Now even better for managing tasks and security, Google’s focus was to make its 1.4 billion users safer and more productive.

This update comes with some pretty huge security features, including confidential mode, which allows you to add two-factor authentication and/or expiration dates for individual emails. They’ve also added an information rights management feature that enables you to prevent your emails from being forwarded, printed, copied, or downloaded.

Phishing alerts are now highlighted in a much clearer way, too. This should help prevent more business email compromises by helping more employees stop and think before opening links in the email.

And as far as productivity goes, there’s a new tasks integration that helps you manage your to-do lists right alongside your emails. It also tells you what attachments are where, right on the mail’s main screen, and lets you “snooze” emails for later (and choose when to remind you again).

We’ve tried it, and can verify that it’s amazing—both from a security perspective, and from a visual one. It’s clean, it’s easy, and it’s way more convenient.

So, how can you get it?

It’s not available to everyone quite yet, but it is for some. If it’s not there for you, just keep checking back.

To check on your personal Gmail account, go to, click the gear icon in the top right, and if the update is available for your account, you’ll see “Try the new Gmail” right at the top.

To check on your G Suite account, try the same thing, but first make sure your system admin has enabled the Early Adopter Program setting.

And if you decide you want to go back to the old Gmail again, just click that same settings button as before and click “Go back to classic Gmail.”

Have any questions? Reach out. And in the meantime, happy (and secure) emailing!

Ryan + Scott

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