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GCC High Buyer’s Guide

The GCC High Buyer's Guide is a flight manual for organizations to make informed decisions around leveraging Microsoft 365 GCC High for compliance with DFARS, CMMC, and U.S. export controls.

Lessons Learned from Experience.

Steel Root specializes in helping defense contractors adopt GCC High for DFARS compliance and CMMC readiness.

We built the Buyer’s Guide to share the lessons we’ve learned from building secure, compliant IT environments in GCC High and Azure Government. The guide covers topics such as:

– What is GCC High?
– Do I Need GCC High for CMMC?
– Questions to Ask Cloud Service Providers About Compliance
– Licensing Strategies and Tips
– Questions to Help Determine Licensing Needs
– Recommended License Packages
– Where and How to Buy GCC High Licensing
– Is GCC High CMMC Compliant Out-of-the-Box?
– Links and Resources

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