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Compliance Services

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CMMC Certification Prep

Are you CMMC ready? Steel Root helps organizations of all sizes prepare for CMMC, with end-to-end compliance and cybersecurity services for the defense industrial base.

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Secure Enclave

An “enclave” is a highly secure, limited environment for the compliant storage and handling of CUI and other very sensitive data types. We build cloud-first enclaves that are purpose-built to meet federal security standards.

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Industry Standards (NIST CSF, SOC2, CIS)

To build cybersecurity maturity, you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Adopting industry standards and aligning with best practices is an effective strategy for security and compliance.

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Regulatory Compliance

Achieve compliance and reduce business risk by implementing cybersecurity practices that go beyond checking a box. We help build and execute on effective compliance strategies.

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Government Contracting (FAR, DFARS)

Win new contracts, protect high-value assets, and manage risk across your supply chain by partnering with cybersecurity company that understands government contracting.

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Policy Development

Cybersecurity that’s not governed by policy and practice is merely reactionary. While it may be tempting to adopt policy templates, policy must be tailored to business realities to be effective.

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