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Industry Standards

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for security. But there are broadly vetted, battle tested, industry standard cybersecurity frameworks available for companies to adopt.


Don't go into battle without a strategy.

When it comes to building cybersecurity maturity, adopting any framework is better than trying to build ad hoc cybersecurity. However, depending on your industry, business objectives, and IT environment, some frameworks may work better than others.

Steel Root’s cybersecurity experts work with a broad field of industry standards, and we specialize in the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), Center for Internet Security (CIS) controls, and federal standards such as those found in NIST Special Publications and FIPS. We will help you pick the right framework for your situation.

Steel Root Helps Businesses Adopt Industry Standards By:

Aligning cybersecurity practices with industry best practices

Conducting a standards-based cybersecurity assessment (NIST, CIS)

Preparing for a SOC2 audit

Assessing compliance with regulatory standards (HIPAA, PCI, DFARS)

Consulting and guidance on adoption and implementation

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The insight you need to align business priorities with the cyber risks your company faces. Understand your unique threat landscape through a high-level, strategic assessment or a more focused analysis.

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