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Security Controls Testing

Testing cybersecurity controls (often called “penetration testing” or "pentesting") is a white-hat (ethical hacker) activity that enables a company to identify vulnerabilities its network, systems, or software.


Who Should Test?

These services are for organizations building a mature cybersecurity practice that have already assessed and mitigated risk. The testing process validates a company’s security posture and can uncover areas for improvement; it is not necessarily a first step. But, it’s an important one to build cybersecurity maturity.

Steel Root’s Security Control Testing Capabilities

Network penetration testing

Mobile/web application assessment and testing

Social engineering (phishing, baiting, pretexting) simulation

Security Controls Assessment and Validation (SCA-V)

What is a "Pen Test"?

A pentest (penetration test) is a common cybersecurity exercise in which an ethical hacker looks for vulnerabilities in your company’s security posture.

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