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The services your company needs. We provide managed security solutions and advisory services to companies of all sizes, from small business to Fortune 500.

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Icon representing cybersecurity assessment by displaying an RPM dial with the needle pointing to a high speed
Cybersecurity Assessment

The insight you need to align business priorities with the cyber risks your company faces. Understand your unique threat landscape through a high-level, strategic assessment or a more focused analysis.

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Detect threats and monitor system logs and network activity in any environment. Our co-managed Security Operations Center provides an always-on team of threat analysts to watch over your business.

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Vulnerability Management

The modern attack surface keeps expanding. A risk-based approach to investigating and prioritizing which vulnerabilities get fixed first is key to managing your company’s exposure.

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Icon representing Security Controls Testing by visualizing a browser window with a magnifying glass hovering over a bug
Security Controls Testing

Testing is an essential part of the security verification process. We help companies build cybersecurity maturity by scoping the right tests to identify network and system vulnerabilities.

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Network Security

From traditional perimeter security to today’s cloud-first workplace, network security has evolved to meet modern challenges.

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Endpoint Security

Protecting the devices that connect to your company’s networks and resources remains a foundational cybersecurity capability. We offer multilayered, managed protection for any business size.

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Email Security

Every day, your users are bombarded with emails containing malware, phishing links, and other advanced threats. Email threat protection is an essential capability for protecting your business.

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Icon representing Data Security and insider threat by displaying a person, folder, and lock.
Data Security & Insider Threat

When it comes to securing sensitive data, threats come from outside and inside the organization. We can help you reduce risk, detect abnormal behavior, and protect data wherever it lives.

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Icon representing incident response by displaying a clock moving quickly from left to right with a visual ghost trail
Incident Response

When a security incident occurs, getting back to business is the top priority. Accelerating recovery, containing the breach, and preserving forensics are all key concerns for incident response.

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Icon representing threat intelligence by displaying an arrow in the bullseye of a target
Threat Intelligence

Integrating security intelligence into your workflows helps accelerate detection and response times by security teams. Real-time threat intelligence is becoming a central component of modern, mature cybersecurity operations.

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Cybersecurity Consulting

We deliver consulting engagements that help business leaders navigate cybersecurity and compliance by bringing subject matter expertise and critical analysis to guide business decisions.

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Our Approach

Steel Root provides cybersecurity services in two distinct models that address different customer needs. For small business, we help rapidly onboard and manage a full suite of security capabilities, acting as an outsourced CISO and cyber operations team. For companies with established security practices, we help fill gaps with solutions, and provide testing and assurance services through our network of vetted partners. Our customers leverage our expertise in industry standards and security frameworks and count on us to serve as a trusted guide for the ongoing navigation and management of security requirements.


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Co-managed solutions to rapidly onboard and manage security capabilities for organizations to detect and respond to cyber threats, protect sensitive assets, and achieve compliance.

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