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Incident Response

Getting hacked or experiencing a cyber incident can leave an organization feeling vulnerable. How you respond to potential compromise is key to building long-term cyber resiliency.


When an incident occurs, solutions are all that matters.

Establishing an effective path to recovery is priority number one. Together with our team of incident response partners, Steel Root provides professional guidance and response services to investigate security incidents, restore business continuity, and meet compliance requirements.

Steel Root’s Incident Response Services

System analysis and damage assessment

Remediation planning and response guidance

Communication with the threat actor, when appropriate

Forensics, data recovery, and operational restoration


Headshot of Brett Lazar of Core Investments Inc.
Brett Lazar

President | Core Investments Inc.

“After a ransomware attack, we realized our need for IT management had grown beyond what the usual “IT guy” could provide. Steel Root helped us assess risk and implement the right security controls. It worked out so well, we expanded our contract with Steel Root to include managed IT services. We’re thrilled to have a passionate group of IT and security professionals supporting our business.”

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