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Network Security

Protect and monitor your networks and company resources, whether your users connect from the office or literally anywhere else.


Visibility & Control

Access control and layered defense are at the heart of a company’s security posture. Steel Root helps businesses gain visibility and control over their networks while navigating challenges like cloud adoption and securing a workforce that increasingly works remotely.

Steel Root's Network Security Offerings

Network monitoring and managed SOC / SIEM

Cloud-first network security

Network design and implementation

Firewall analysis, configuration, and management

Secure remote access (VPN, direct-to-cloud, SSO)

SD-WAN security

DNS security


Headshot of Vijay Somandepalli of American Robotics
Vijay Somandepalli

Co-Founder and CTO | American Robotics

“American Robotics is bringing fully-autonomous vehicles to industries across America. Our need for secure and reliable networking extends beyond the office. Steel Root helped us build out a secure mobile network for our Scout aerial robotics systems to support our mission of making high resolution aerial data collection practical, affordable, and scalable.”

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Protecting the devices that connect to your company’s networks and resources remains a foundational cybersecurity capability. We offer multilayered, managed protection for any business size. 

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