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In a perfect world, all businesses would meet today’s security challenges with a fully staffed SOC (security operations center), operating 24/7 to monitor networks, endpoints, users, and infrastructure. Most businesses do not live in that perfect world.


Monitoring and Response

For today’s cyber threats, real-time analysis of what’s happening on the network is an imperative. SIEM (security information and event management) is the solution, but many organizations struggle to get actionable security alerts from their SIEM or lack the resources to staff around-the-clock monitoring capability. Steel Root helps companies select, implement, and co-manage SOC and SIEM solutions.

We Help Establish SOC and SIEM Capabilities, Including:

Threat detection and alerting

Log management and correlation

Alert triage, investigation, and response

Threat hunting

Threat intelligence

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The modern attack surface keeps expanding. A risk-based approach to investigating and prioritizing which vulnerabilities get fixed first is key to managing your company’s exposure.

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