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Vulnerability Management

Your networks are only as secure as your weakest links. Keep ahead of threats by taking a risk-based approach to identifying and prioritizing system vulnerabilities.


An Essential Cybersecurity Capability

Adversaries are constantly scanning internet-connected systems, and once they’re inside a network, they continue to look for ways to move laterally, spread malware, and exfiltrate data. Identifying and fixing system vulnerabilities before adversaries find and exploit them is an imperative for every business.

Steel Root’s co-managed vulnerability management service provides your business with assurance against commonly known and exploited vulnerabilities. We help prioritize and mitigate vulnerabilities, reducing risk with clear, actionable steps.

Key Vulnerability Management Takeaways:

Vulnerability management is a critical cybersecurity practice for every type of business. Understanding where your company is vulnerable is a foundational step for managing cyber risk.

With the sheer volume of vulnerabilities, knowing which ones to prioritize is key for managing remediation efforts, by allocating resources to the higher-risk vulnerabilities.

Companies in the defense industrial base, including those seeking CMMC certification at Level 3 or above, must demonstrate a mature vulnerability management practice.

Steel Root provides always-on vulnerability scanning, regular reporting, prioritized recommendations, and mitigation steps.

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Integrating security intelligence into your workflows helps accelerate detection and response times by security teams. Real-time threat intelligence is becoming a central component of modern, mature cybersecurity operations.

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