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Managed Compliance Services

Building and managing a compliance program isn’t a one-off activity – it requires management, monitoring, and continuous improvement.


Compliance Beyond Checking a Box

The responsibility for compliance cannot be offloaded to a third-party provider or security product. But, we can help. Leverage our expertise, experience, and network to manage your compliance requirements — whether you’re subject to one or multiple regulatory standards.

Steel Root's Managed Compliance Offerings:

Identify when regulated data turns up in places it shouldn’t

Ensure policy and governance fit the needs of the business

Manage ongoing required processes, reporting, and assurance

Update systems and processes in line with regulatory changes

Security training for users and administrators


Headshot of Nick Delena of DGC
Nick DeLena

Principal, IT Risk Assurance & Advisory | DGC

“Steel Root has deep expertise in solving cybersecurity compliance challenges and supporting complex IT environments in highly regulated industries. I have known them and admired their work for some time and have referred them to my clients where they’ve provided critical support.”

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From helpdesk support to strategic planning, our security-first approach to IT management is like bringing a team of IT professionals on board for less than the cost of a single hire.