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Assess and Test Your Cybersecurity Posture

When you don’t know what you don’t know, understanding your cybersecurity posture starts with an assessment. Testing cybersecurity controls (using methods like penetration testing) helps you gain assurance and identify any gaps in your security posture.

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See risk clearly by turning on the lights, using industry-standard methodologies to assess risk and test security controls.


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Cybersecurity Assessment

The insight you need to align business priorities with the cyber risks your company faces. Understand your unique threat landscape through a high-level, strategic assessment or a more focused analysis.

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Security Controls Testing

Testing is an essential part of the security verification process. We help companies build cybersecurity maturity by scoping the right tests to identify network and system vulnerabilities.

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Industry Standards (NIST CSF, SOC2, CIS)

To build cybersecurity maturity, you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Adopting industry standards and aligning with best practices is an effective strategy for security and compliance.

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Network Security

From traditional perimeter security to today’s cloud-first workplace, network security has evolved to meet modern challenges.

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Incident Response

When a security incident occurs, getting back to business is the top priority. Accelerating recovery, containing the breach, and preserving forensics are all key concerns for incident response.

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Understand and Improve Your Security Posture By:

Conducting a standards-based cybersecurity risk assessment

Identifying threats and prioritizing vulnerabilities

Understanding where sensitive data lives, who has access, and detecting suspicious behavior

Penetration testing to validate security controls


Headshot of Brett Lazar of Core Investments Inc.
Brett Lazar

President | Core Investments Inc.

“After a ransomware attack, we realized our need for IT management had grown beyond what the usual “IT guy” could provide. Steel Root helped us assess risk and implement the right security controls. It worked out so well, we expanded our contract with Steel Root to include managed IT services. We’re thrilled to have a passionate group of IT and security professionals supporting our business.”