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Protect Sensitive Data

It’s all about the data. In today’s connected world, it's increasingly challenging to safeguard sensitive company data, and to safely steward customer data.

The services your company needs.

We provide tailored security measures that match the sensitivity of the data, supporting business operations and meeting applicable compliance requirements.


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Data Security & Insider Threat

When it comes to securing sensitive data, threats come from outside and inside the organization. We can help you reduce risk, detect abnormal behavior, and protect data wherever it lives.

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Regulatory Compliance

Changes in data security regulation come at you fast. Stay ahead of the curve by partnering with a cybersecurity firm that specializes in compliance.

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Cybersecurity Assessment

The insight you need to align business priorities with the cyber risks your company faces. Understand your unique threat landscape through a high-level, strategic assessment or a more focused analysis.

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Managed Cybersecurity Services

Co-managed solutions that help organizations rapidly set up cybersecurity capabilities to detect and respond to cyber threats, protect sensitive assets, and achieve compliance.

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Steel Root Helps Companies Protect Sensitive Data By:

Controlling and monitoring access to sensitive data

Defending your network from external and insider threats

Identifying and mitigating your greatest risks

Protecting sensitive communications with end-to-end encryption

Ensuring sensitive data is handled in accordance with regulatory requirements


Headshot of Donna Fagen of Equilateral Technologies
Donna Fagen, PhD

Co-Founder and CTO | Equilateral Technologies

“Building software for wireless networks requires technical excellence. With sensitive data and customer security requirements, we expect the same from our service providers. Our partnership with Steel Root has allowed us to implement cybersecurity practices that meet our security and compliance challenges.”