What do your bank account, health information and email have in common with your company’s intellectual property, customer data and financials? (Hint: it’s not a trick question.)

The answer is simple: we rely on passwords to keep it all out of the hands of the wrong people.

But the truth is, we’re all pretty bad at using passwords. It’s not our fault, though. The human brain actually makes relying on passwords to secure sensitive data a terrible idea:

  1. We have a hard time remembering things that aren’t meaningful. (qbbVfnx#XRlWL37Jd% is a great password, but good luck remembering that.)
  2. Recall is harder than recognition.
  3. We can’t remember infrequently-used or frequently-changed things.
  4. We also can’t forget things on-demand.

All of this adds up to some flaws when it comes to following password best practices. But we’ve some good news for you: passwords are convenient and provide a measure of security. And we’re going to help you learn how you can protect yourself, your business, and all your critical data with a few simple tricks.

Click here to read about the anatomy of a good password.

And click here for an easy way to remember all your passwords.

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