We’re Steel Root, an IT services and security company based in Salem, MA—but you can just call us Scott and Ryan.

We met while studying business IT strategy in grad school. Our combined experience includes over 20 years running IT departments, specializing in security, and consulting for businesses both in Boston and around the North Shore.

Throughout our careers, we noticed something was missing from all the other IT companies out there: dedication to the needs of small businesses.

Businesses without dedicated IT staff are often unprotected from the most basic threats, and those that hire big IT firms often end up overpaying for technology and services they may not need.

So we started Steel Root, a fully-insured IT services company that has helped small businesses in the area stay protected through our creative, customized approach.

We’re here to make things simple. So you can keep your business secure.

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  • Paul A Navarro

    I like the idea of a more personal connection with customers and providing them with services they need at a fair cost, upfront and down the line!

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